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  • Prints made to order only
  • A4 or A3
  • Unframed
  • 310gsm Ilford Galerie 100% Cotton Rag Matt paper, the very best in fine art printing 
  • 1cm white border all around
  • Shipping included in the price
  • Various size options available


Taken from a painting of mine, 'Orcas Feeding Playground'.

The bond between a Mother and her child/children is special.

It remains unchanged by time or distance.

It is the purest, unconditional and true love that lasts a life time.


The turn around for prints is usually 1 week, depending on how busy they are. Plus shipping time.

If you need some advice on framing, I can help you with a couple of suggestions. Feel free to reach out to me here for framing advice.


If you'd like to know more about the Orcas and why I have chose this for the bonds between a Mother and Child then read more below. It is a very long read.


As the largest members of the dolphin family, Orcas spend their lives underwater in highly impressive societies, making them one of the most social marine mammals on Earth. They thrive in highly distinctive lifelong pods, led by older females with the power of unity, strong family ties and emotions.

Many orcas live with their mothers for their entire lives. It has been proven that separation between mother and calf is extremely stressful for these cetaceans.  

Mothers form exceptionally close bonds with their offspring. Orcas are very similar to humans in their care for their calves that receive education from their mothers, but also discipline.

These aquatic mammals are very protective of their young: it has been documented that adolescent females often assist their mother in caring for the young. Such ‘babysitting’ by young females prepares them for the later responsibility of becoming a mother.


Orcas enjoy playing for a long time for their social contact and bonding with other pod members. An activity they seem to adore is called breaching, which is an entertaining performance whereby the orca jumps out of the water and splashes the surface with its entire body. 


Indeed, orcas need to be understood and acknowledged as outstanding social creatures that coexist with humanity. I would even say they are the aquatic version of us, humans.


Prints - Orcas, Bonds with Mother and Calf

  • This print will be carefully packed into a mailing tube or card board box, depending on the size and location for delivery.

  • Pricing includes delivery costs within Australia & International shipping.

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