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All about Andrea

Multi Award Winning Artist


Many of Andrea's artworks have been sold throughout Australia, USA and Europe; to her private collectors.

After leaving school Andrea attended 5 years learning & studying art and design through College and University. Over the years she has also painted many murals in restaurants, kids bedroom, curated and designed artworks to decorate office spaces in Sydney and Melbourne and has had 8 paintings published in International magazines. 

Andrea sees inspiration all around her and her creative list is always expanding. But most of her artworks are centred around of her love and appreciation for nature, birds, insects, animals and plants. 

With nature she’s instantly drawn into the colours, textures and patterns. She then paints it as she envisage it through abstracts.

With birds, insects, animals, plants and the occasional landscape she applies traditional fine art, carefully measuring and mapping out the artwork to make sure the perspective and ratios are correct. Mixing colours to match and understanding the direction of the light.


Andrea also creates figurative surreal artworks where her vision is to connect humanity more with nature in one artwork. Here she starts with a mood board and plays around with colour combinations before mapping it out and creating it on canvas. “I see beauty all around me in nature and understand there is a purpose to every living organism. The human connection, care and respect for these is vital to the survival of mankind.”

"Every year I make a donation to a selected wildlife conservation or organisation all thanks to you my collectors. An artist doesn't make a regular income, but I can give a little here and there to help save, protect and conserve a species  and their habitat." - Andrea


Andrea is open to commissions. If you have an idea for your home or office, or you can peruse through her art gallery and if you see something that you love, but need to change the size or colour, then please do contact her. She's painted many commissioned artworks over the years.

Vice President of Drummoyne Art Society until March 2024


  • BTEC First Diploma in Art & Design - BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design - Higher National Diploma in Art & Design 


  • 3 artworks published in the Punk Luxe Lookbook with Art Lovers Australia

  • 8 artworks published in an International art magazine - 



A small handful of group exhibitions in the UK after leaving University. Here is what she has so far in Australia.

  • St. George Art Society (SGAS) - 2022 Art Awards Exhibition Nov

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2022 Annual Award Exhibition Oct 

  • Art Lovers Australia - Punk Luxe Exhibition Melbourne 2022 April - May

  • St. George Art Society (SGAS) - 2021 Art Awards Exhibition Nov-Dec - **Drawing Award Winner & Peoples Choice Award 2 artworks

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2021 Annual Open Art Awards Exhibition April

  • Combined Art Societies of Sydney (CASS) - Art of Sydney 2021 January

  • Fairfield Art Society (FAS) - 2020 Open Art Prize 

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2020 Annual Award Exhibition - ** Highly Commended award for  drawing Barn Owl Beauty

  • Drummoyne Art Society (DAS) - Drummoyne Open Art Awards 2020 - **A finalist with artwork What Lies Beneath

  • Glebe Art Show October 2019

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2019 Annual Award Exhibition  ** Nature is Calling Me Back  Award Winner 

  • The Rotary Club Art Show - 2019 

  • Burwood Art Prize Exhibition - 2019 

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2019 Annual Open Art Awards Exhibition 

  • LST - Abstract Exhibition 2019 - **Australian Bushfires received a SPECIAL MERIT award  - Information on my news page.

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2018 Annual Award Exhibition 

  • LST - Patterns Exhibition 2018 - **Pink Salt Formations received a SPECIAL MERIT award  - Information on my news page.

  • Woof Exhibition Art Prize - Art Est. Art School and Gallery, Leichhardt NSW

  • Drummoyne Art Society  (DAS) - 2018 Annual Open Art Awards Exhibition 

  • Belconnen Arts Centre - ACT - In Transit Unframed Exhibition

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