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This original acrylic painting was created onto a deep edge, stretched canvas. The edges of the canvas are painted with the colour of the sea background. 


  • Canvas Size 61cm W x 51cm H x 3cm D 
  • Ready to hang with d-rings and wire.


There are so many reasons why I chose to painting Mangroves, but with this artwork I was focussed on how Mangrove forests provide a sustainable habitat for sharks, a multitude of fish, shellfish and crustaceans many other species of marine life. We are so very lucky to have these natural ecosystems right here in Australia.

Did you know although mangroves make up less than one per cent of all tropical forests around the world, but they play a critical role in mitigating climate change. Mangrove soils are highly effective carbon sinks. Locking away large quantities of carbon and stopping it from entering our atmosphere.

Some more interesting facts
Mangrove forests stabilise the coastline by reducing erosion caused by storm surges, currents, waves and tides. They protect water quality by removing nutrients and pollutants from stormwater runoff before they reach seagrass habitats and coral reefs. 
Mangrove peat absorbs water during heavy rains and storm surge, reducing the chances of coastal flooding.
Mangrove systems provide shelter to a wide range of wildlife species. 
Mangroves serve as nesting areas for lots of birds. Many birds depend on mangroves for part of their seasonal migrations. Even dead mangroves play an important role, providing roosting areas for bird species.


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Underwater Mangrove Habitat

  • This artwork will be carefully packed in cardboard along with a signed certificate of authenticity.

  • Pricing includes delivery costs within Australia. 

    For International shipping you can request a quote for delivery on canvas and ready to hang. OR, you can purchase this artwork at the price listed but it will be removed from the frame and carefully packed into a mailing tube.

    Please refer to the Shipping Policy for International.

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